error in strong number parsing >,] Shelemiah, is merely an abbreviation of [Meshelemy(8368) <See definition 04920>,] Meshelemiah, by the aph(9172)esis of [M(886d),] {mem.} # 14| * Shelemiah. Asaph. This variation arises from the rejection of the word [Ab <See definition 01>,] {av,} "father," and the mutation of [Y(9377)d,] {yood,} into ['Aleph,] {aleph;} being written in the parallel passages [Eby(8363)(8370)h <See definition 043>,] Ebiasaph, and here [Ac(8370)h <See definition 0623>,] Asaph. # 6:37; 9:19| * Ebiasaph.
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