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03477 03479旧约新约 Strong's number
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03478 Yisra'el {yis-raw-ale'}

源自 082800410; 阳性专有名词

AV - Israel 2489, Israelites 16; 2505

以色列 = "上帝胜过"
1) 雅各的第二个名字,是上帝于雅各在毗努伊勒与天使摔跤后给他的
2) 希伯来的国家称号
03478 Yisra'el {yis-raw-ale'}

from 08280 and 0410;; n pr m

AV - Israel 2489, Israelites 16; 2505

Israel = "God prevails"
1) the second name for Jacob given to him by God after his wrestling
   with the angel at Peniel
2) the name of the descendants and the nation of the descendants of Jacob
   2a) the name of the nation until the death of Solomon and the split
   2b) the name used and given to the northern kingdom consisting of
       the 10 tribes under Jeroboam; the southern kingdom was known as
   2c) the name of the nation after the return from exile