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02022 02024旧约新约 Strong's number
02023 roh\   出现经文 影像 地图 相关查询
02023 Hor {hore}

02022 的另一型; 专有名词 山名

AV - Hor 12; 12

何珥 = "山"
1) 山名, 亚伦逝世于此; 在亚拉巴山谷的东端, 是以东地沙岩山区
   的最高点; 其东是古城佩特拉(Petra)之所在
2) 此山作为以色列的子孙要去占取之地的北界; 位在黎巴嫩境内 ( 民34:7,8 )
02023 Hor {hore}

another form of 02022;; n pr loc

AV - Hor 12; 12

Hor = "mountain"
1) the mountain on which Aaron died; situated on the eastern side of
   the valley of Arabah, the highest of the whole range of sandstone
   mountains in Edom; on the eastern side is the ancient city of Petra
2) the mountain named as one of the marks of the northern boundary of
   the land which the children of Israel were about to conquer; located
   in Lebanon