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0128 0130旧约新约 Strong's number
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129 haima {hah'-ee-mah}

字源不明; TDNT - 1:172,26; 阳性名词

AV - blood 99; 99

1) 血
 1a) 字意 
  1a1) 人类的
  1a2) 动物的
 1b  喻意
  1b1) 表示生命之所在
  1b2) 赎罪祭物的血与生命
 1c) 天启异象的红颜色
129 haima {hah'-ee-mah}

of uncertain derivation; TDNT - 1:172,26; n m

AV - blood 99; 99

1) blood
   1a) of man or animals
   1b) refers to the seat of life
   1c) of those things that resemble blood, grape juice
2) blood shed, to be shed by violence, slay, murder