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05466 05468旧约新约 Strong's number
05467 ~od.s\   出现经文 影像 地图 相关查询
05467 C@dom {sed-ome'}

源自已不使用的字根,意为"烧焦"; TWOT - 1465; 专有名词 地名

钦定本 - Sodom 39; 39

所多玛 = "燃烧的"
1) 一个迦南城市, 通常和蛾摩拉相提并论, 位于死海和约但河地区;
05467 C@dom {sed-ome'}

from an unused root meaning to scorch; TWOT - 1465; n pr loc

AV - Sodom 39; 39

Sodom = "burning"
1) a Canaanite city, usually paired with Gomorrah, located in the
    area of the Dead Sea and the Jordan river; both cities destroyed
    by God in judgment